Hi Marc,

I agree with you when you say that most part of what we save should be invested and we should try to leave below our means to achieve our long-term goals.

On the other hand, I find very hard to believe that on average you spend less than $100 per month on yourself unless:

1. You still live with your parents and they are financing you in some other 'hidden' ways. In this case, this article does not really tell much.

2. Your aim was to create a catchy heading to increase your views (in that case well done as I am here reading your post and commenting - that will increase your ranking even more).

With that being said, could you kindly define what you mean for "yourself"? For example:

- I imagine you need new clothes or shoes once in a while, you need a razor for your beard or to dry-clean a coat or to get an haircut (very basic stuff).

- I imagine you do have some kind of subscription or membership to the gym, audible, prime (you name it)

- I imagine that at least once or twice a month you do eat at a restaurant.

Could kindly provide an example of how you allocate your $100 on the above mentioned items?



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